The Butler's Stinger Cocktail

One of Buffalo's Favorite Craft Cocktail Recipes

When Winter sets in in Western New York, Buffalo turns to close friends, gourmet restaurants and craft cocktails to weather the storm. For a warm holiday treat, The Butler team offers guests an assortment of seasonal cocktails to help take the edge off the cold weather. The Stinger proves one of the most popular and refreshing holiday drinks, favored by guests and Butler staff alike. The Butlers share their suggestions on how to craft the perfect Stinger for your holiday party.

Michael Fix, Food and Beverage Director at The Mansion on Delaware Avenue shares his personal recipe: "I like to serve it over the rocks personally, since I think that it takes some of the 'sting' out of the alcohol… one only needs two ingredients, cognac and creme de menthe (white)."

To correctly balance the cocktail, use 1 3/4 oz of cognac and 2/3 or 3/4 oz of the creme de menthe, depending on taste.

For a cocktail that rivals The Butlers' standards, use the 1 3/4 oz to 2/3 oz ratio.

Ingredients should be stirred (some prefer the drink shaken, Michael recommends stirred) and then strained into an ice-filled rocks glass. Looking to up the ante? Strain into an ice-filled brandy snifter.

Michael advises a good brandy, "preferably a fruity cognac, and as good of a creme de menthe as can be found, preferably Marie Brizard."

Need a little more guidance? Watch a video overview:

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